Discover the magnificent forests of British Columbia on spacious, natural ATV Trails! The trail system cover trails over hundreds of miles. Seldom do you bump into other ATV drivers - you can enjoy the beauty of the Cariboo undisturbed! You will not only be able to embark on a great adventure, but also experience some BCs great wildlife.

The South Cariboo is home to moose, deers. wolves, bears, cougars, beavers, squirrels, eagles, owls, coyotes, foxes and many other species.

During a break you can enjoy the remote lakes and if is warm enough you should cool off before the tour continues.

We have the right tour for every taste - we concentrate on your wishes. From a calm and pleasant, to a more turbulent tour with steep mountains and knee-deep mud holes.

You could even experience a very special ATV wedding.

Im looking forward to showing you the beautiful area of South Cariboo.

If you have any question, dont hesitate to phone or email me.

We can also make an appointment.


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