Get Married on a Quad under the blue sky and surrounded by beautiful scenery.

A perfect opportunity for Quad fans, ATV enthusiasts and nature lovers.

We will drive with our quads for about 45 min, along beautiful lakes and untouched nature to a stunning viewpoint on Bowers Lake.

There, a marriage commissioner will be waiting for you.
In a panoramic setting then, the ceremony will begin.

Devotional and with great professionalism, the commissioner conducts the ceremony.

... while bride and groom repeat his words with sincere conviction.

The exchange of the wedding rings is an important part of course.

..... and so is the first kiss.

Guests and friends then congratulate the new couple.

The picturesque and panoramic view offers a perfect opportunity for unforgettable weddings pictures

Finally, it is time for some coffe and cake, or maybe champagne?
For more information, don´t hesitate to contact us.